Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Dear Readers,

Hot on the heels of the Japan Disaster which is still impacting the supply chain in many areas, we now have a major disaster in Thailand.  The immediate and intermediate impact is limited to a few brands but those brands are definitely on our watch list of potential problem parts in the supply chain.

The list is as follows:
-          TEXAS: Expect impact from Texas from Thailand flooding. Some DC convertors lines (TPSxx and DCP01B) ; some logics lines (SN74LVxx; SN74AH)
-          ON SEMI: (ex –Sanyo sites/products mainly)  transistors (2SCxxx; 2SAxx; FWxx ; SFTxx; SOPxx) ; diodes (SBTxx; SVCxx) ;  linear (LAxx); Tantalum Cap (TBP series) , mosfet  (ECHxxx)
-          ROHM: productions sites have shut down, the first one the 8th of October the second site the 18th of October. IC’s , transistors, diodes, resistors, caps are affected but ROHM doesn't give the exact list. We have seen a lot of requirements on the resistors (MCR0x serie), sensors (BH16xx); power management Unit (BAxxx; BDxxx).
-          NEC: Tonkin  : tantalum caps  - PS/L serie (TEPSLxx/TLPSLxx) ; super caps (Electric double layer caps) series FA0, FA1, FC0, FCH, FCS, FE0, FEW, FG0, FGR, FM0, FMC, FMR, FR0, FRW, FS0, FS1, FT0, FYD, and FYH are quite short. From 1 customer we have heard that delivery could be extended to Q2 2012; the Proadlizer caps ( PF/A Series) are also affected
-          FAIRCHILD: especially the tinylogic family (NC7xxxx)
-          MICROSEMI: sensors (LX197xxx)
-          SONY: CXD family
-          LITTLEFUSE: diodes (SPxx)
-          TOSHIBA  the TLP serie (that were already affected during the earthquake) are very tight again
-          AVAGO : linear (MGA) ; diodes (HMS)

We suggest that you review your buffer stocks on the above items immediately and make sure you have product on hand, pull in product where possible, and also work with your favored Independent Distributors to shore up whatever shortages you may have after your respective reviews.

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