Friday, April 1, 2011

Infrastructure Challenges to Japanese Supply Chain Continues

Specifically to the electronics supply chain is a fact that will reverberate for many weeks, months, and maybe even years:  33% of the world's capacitors are manufactured in the affected regions!  See more on this and other supply facts relevant to the electronics supply chain challenges here

As we mentioned in earlier blogs the continuing challenge is not getting production lines back up and able to produce but rather the infrastructure challenges associated with steady production:  electricity, gas, water, shipping logistics, and last but not least the radiation issues

It was estimated recently by scientists in France and the US, that the amount of radiation already released into the atmosphere and surrounding sea is 100,000 times more then what was released by the partial meltdown of three mile island in 1970 in the United States (and counting).  To be sure this alone will have lasting implications that cannot yet be fully understood, nor any projection models for productivity, account for...

Time will tell, however we human beings are remarkably resilient and the recovery in this instance will be no different.  That being said, the short to medium term implications can range from starkly bleak to overly optimistic.  The wise course is to plan for the worst (start using cross-brands where possible etc), as a back up and using regional purchasing arbitrage to average out the inevitable upwards cost pressures associated with this time period.

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